The Joys and Challenges of Writing a Book

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Here are my top 3 for each:

The Best Parts

  1. Word Dumping — I find this so much fun. When everything you think of appears on the page and your mind is like a magical well of good ideas and funny lines. It is both therapeutic and exhilarating
  2. The First Read Over — Reading your work over for this first time since you wrote it feels so exciting and exhilarating. You look back and are astounded with your creativity and wonder what genius did this. These words, otherwise normal, were strung together with such craft into a work of art. You did that, and it feels great.
  3. The New Ideas — When you first have a great idea to write about, it is all you can think about. The ideas flow to you so easily and you find yourself thinking of more additions at all hours of the day. The creativity seems to never end.
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  1. Getting Stuck — Even the best of writers find themselves hitting a roadblock once in a while. Suddenly, the neverending flow of ideas trickles to a halt and no words seem to be good enough to put down on paper. This is a tough spot to be in. I find writing anything at all, even a few sentences you may cringe at after, helps to keep your mind working, and eventually, the floodgates will reopen, no matter how long that may take.
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